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Wizard Green Energy Solutions specializes in the sustainability of Green Energy, Energy Optimization and Energy saving. Technology advanced solutions are offered for on and off-grid applications, making use of the latest and best technologies available in the Green Environment.

Wizard Green Energy Solution was established in 2015, to deliver services of high quality and efficiency standards to their customers.  The investors are from a diverse and experienced Green industry, offering outstanding knowledge and knowhow skills.

The services offered are designed to help clients to improve efficiency in resource utilisation in order to promote the dimensions of environmental sustainability and the total cost of ownership.  A sustainable business depends on the ability to create value in an ever-changing environment.


We will assist government, commercial enterprise and private individuals (domestic) to implement sound and sustainable environmental solutions and practices, which hold both economic benefit and which have become regulatory, social and ethical imperatives.  We will also remedy the failings of many competitors by designing products services, and recommendations to satisfy the actual utilization, expenditure and other client specific efficiency requirements.


Our mission statement is aimed at becoming the leading green product and service provider in the African market, and beyond, by supplying cutting edge technology, superior quality products and tailor made solutions to all that aspire to take part in the green evolution – and thereby setting ourselves apart from other service providers in the green industry.


Energy from our sun is free and the sun will continue to shine for billions of years to come.  While the solar energy is inexhaustible and renewable, its irradiance is environment-friendly.  The solar power system does not emit CO2, which is environmentally damaging.  In addition, silicon, the raw material in making solar cells, is the second most abundant element in the earth’s crust. Since the solar industry has been developing and the technology is maturing, the PV power systems are efficient for commercial, residential and industrial use. In contrast, fossil fuels, as our main source of energy are depleting.

Our high dependence on fossil fuels is inevitably going to push up their price continuously until they are completely depleted.  Fossil fuels are (realistic) non-renewable and environmentally damaging.  Recent climate changes are in part a consequence from the increased CO2 concentration in the atmosphere caused by burning fossil fuels.  All major world governments are committed to reducing carbon emissions.  Therefore it is essential for us to seek alternative renewable energy resources for guaranteed energy supply and environment protection.  Solar PV energy generation is the answer.

Environmental Benefits

We use vast amounts of energy to heat and cool homes and businesses, and to provide electricity, on which our society has become dependent.  Much of this energy in the past has come from the combustion of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and natural gas.  We have become aware that these resources are not endless, and that burning them to produce energy releases gases and airborne particles. “Green energy” is a movement toward producing energy from renewable sources, such as solar, that does not have a negative effect on our environment

Solar Reduces Air Pollution

When fossil fuels are burned, particulate matter is released into the air, regardless of efforts to reduce these emissions. The result can affect the environment in the form of smog, and in certain cities, this can pose serious health problems for residents. Also, carbon monoxide is created when fuel combustion is incomplete. This gas is a health hazard, even in low doses. Energy produced by solar systems does not contribute to air pollution.

No Effect on Climate

Greenhouse gases, notably CO2 (carbon dioxide), are produced when fossil fuels are burned. Many scientists now believe these gases may be affecting our climate. CO2 can create a “greenhouse effect” in the atmosphere, causing global warming which may lead to an increase in hurricanes, flooding and other weather conditions that can result in injuries, deaths and loss of property. No combustion takes place in solar energy systems.

No effect on landscape

Some coal is obtained by “strip mining”, where a large surface area of ground is stripped of vegetation. Flooding can be made worse by this process, especially when it is done on mountains, which has caused great loss of property in some areas.

Unlimited Resource

Coal, natural gas and oil are limited resources, which we are using up at an incredible rate. Developing countries are now adding to the demand for these fuels. Also, oil is used in many ways other than producing energy, such as in the manufacturing of plastic products, thus using oil reserves even faster.

Solar Reduces the Need for More Fossil Fuel Power Plants

As the demand for electricity increases, more power plants will need to be built, which can have a negative environmental impact. As more energy is produced by solar systems, the need for more fossil fuel power plants will be reduced.

Wizard Green Solar Financial Incentives

We work with leading solar equipment manufacturers to ensure that we use the highest quality solar products available, from the solar panels to the inverters. Equally important, we drive every step of the process – from design to engineering, to installation, and ultimately, connection to the grid.  This allows us to deliver customized solutions for your home that optimizes your energy harvest.

The end result is measurably superior performance. Once you deal with Wizard Green you’ll know what great service truly is.  We have applied our years of home improvement experience to creating service that matches the products we install. Nobody works harder or more diligently to make sure you get the solar solution that you need, backed by the service you deserve.

Executive Summary

Wizard Green Energy Solutions understand the need for cost effective energy and recognizes the unique opportunity to supplement the energy received from the conventional grid with Solar Energy.  We believe that the residential, industrial and corporate markets are in need of cost effective energy and that we are uniquely positioned to successfully meet their specific requirements

Our goal is to reduce the grid consumption by effectively installing our Solar Energy Solution that will benefit in the following manners:

Our unique ability to determine the exact energy needs of our clients, and implement a cost effective solar solution, makes us an enviable partner.